Latitude – A Free Genesis Child Theme

Latitude - a FREE Genesis Child ThemeI’m excited to announce the release of my very first FREE Genesis child theme Latitude.  Latitude is build exclusively to work with the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded here.  Latitude was built using the Nomadic Theme (a free child theme from StudioPress) as a foundation.

Theme Features

The Latitude child theme includes the following features: Latitude uses the Genesis Slider plugin, has a Portfolio Page Template, 6 layout options, custom background, custom header, featured images, threaded comments…

Take it for a test drive…
Download from this page…

I’d love your feedback!

What do you think? Be a sport and drop me a line in the comments. Did you end up using this theme? I’d love to see a link!!

Screenshot of the Latitude Theme

Free Genesis Child Theme Latitude


  1. Jen says

    I’ve started using Latitude. The footer is not showing up for me. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be changed? I added widgets to the three areas in the Control Panel.

    • says

      The footer widgets are a fairly standard StudioPress feature (How to Add a Widgeted Footer Section). Did you make any modifications to the functions.php file? Could you provide a link to your site??
      The first thing that I would check is to make sure that this:
      /** Add support for 3-column footer widgets */
      add_theme_support( 'genesis-footer-widgets', 3 );

      is still in your functions.php file.

    • Anita says

      I had that same problem, but I realized I had the Genesis Footer plugin installed because another theme didn’t have the footer widgets. When I turned it off, the Latitude footer showed up. By the way, thanks for this wonderful theme. Its really easy to use and navigate through.

  2. says

    I am experimenting and learning using your theme here. However, I find it that the header logo if is an image does not align right. It stays to the left of the screen. can you provide a solution for that.

    • says

      Good catch Eddie! I’ve updated the theme to correct this. Three things that you need to update in the style.css file (or just download the updates that I already made to the .zip file — probably not what you want to do if you’ve already made a bunch of customizations):

      * Add a width attribute to the header
      * Remove the top border from the header
      * Add the top border to the wrap

      The CSS for the header will then look like this:
      /* Header
      ------------------------------------------------------------ */

      #header {
      background-color: #34a7e0;
      min-height: 120px;
      margin: 0 auto;
      overflow: hidden;
      width: 960px;

      The CSS for the Wrap (found just above #header in the style sheet) will look like this:
      /* Wrap
      ------------------------------------------------------------ */

      #wrap {
      border-top: 5px solid #C5C5C5;

      I also made one other tweak to the functions.php file… In the demo, my header is 120px high, however I had the header image area setup to accept a 150px high image… I changed changed this to 120px with this tweak in the code (also updated in the download):

      /** Add support for custom header */
      add_theme_support( 'genesis-custom-header', array( 'width' => 960, 'height' => 120, 'textcolor' => 'ffffff', 'admin_header_callback' => 'latitude_admin_style' ) );

      If you don’t mind, send me a link when it’s all done (or before) – I’d love to see how you’re using the theme.

      ~ Aaron

        • says

          Could you explain what is not working with the header navigation as in the demo? If you’re talking about the menu to the right of the Title/Logo, let me explain what I have on the demo site…

          On the demo site, I am displaying two menus. The “Primary Navigation” (which is displaying the categories and search box – directly under the Logo/Title) and a custom menu in the “Header Right” widget area. To display a menu to the right of the logo… To place/activate this menu, from your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Appearance” >> “Widgets” and drag the “Custom Menu” widget to the “Header Right” widget location. Once there, leave the title empty and select the menu that you want to display from the drop down and hit save. Now check out your site… Is that what you were looking for?

          I provided styling for the “Secondary Navigation” but I have it turned off on the demo site in Genesis >> Theme Settings. If you activate the Secondary Navigation and, from Appearance >> Menus, select a menu to be displayed in the Secondary Navigation Menu location… The Secondary Navigation will be displayed above the Logo/Title.

  3. says

    Aaron, here is a new scenario. When I add BSA ads, the side bars overlap. What I mean is that They overlap with the one below them. Can you suggest something for that, please. Your suggestions are most valuable and I am learning so much from you, by trying to customize it.

    • says

      Can you provide a link, or is this still on a local server? If local server… Can you provide an example of the code? My initial thought is that a height attribute is needed for the widget.

      • says

        Its on a local server Aaron. I’ve been making so many changes to try different things. I just hope I’ve not messed up the original theme. I will get back to you on this. I will get the code for you.

        • says

          here you go Aaron.

          .sidebar .widget {
          background-color: #fff;
          border: 1px solid #ddd;
          margin: 0 0 15px;
          padding: 0 0 10px;

          .widget-area .textwidget {
          padding: 5px 10px 0;

          • says

            Could you send me an example of the code from BSA ads? Either here or gmail – adhartland@….. You might need to target the specific widget that you’re placing it in with some CSS. Example:

            .sidebar .widget_bsa {
            height: 160px;

            And likewise for any other elements inside of the widget that need tweaking.

  4. Manas says

    Hello Aaron,
    Thank you for a wonderful child theme. I was hoping you could help answer a question I had. I have a static page setup as my home page, and I would like that page to display the custom latitude_home_genesis_meta() functionality. However looks like in your child theme, the page that is setup to be the blog page will by default display that function. How would I go about making my static home page display that function instead of the blog page?

    • says

      Just to be clear… You do not wish to have the homepage display the slider and widgets as found in the demo, but would rather like for the homepage to display your blog posts… Is this correct?

      If so, go to Dashboard>Settings>Reading and make sure that the “Your latest posts” button is active in the “Front page displays” section.

      Via FTP – Delete the home.php file from your /wp-content/themes/latitude” directory.

      This will give you a homepage that displays your blog posts. Is that what you were looking for?

      • Manas says

        Actually not quite. I have a page called Home and a page called Blog. I have set up from Dashboard>Settings>Reading for the page called Blog to display the blog posts. Now, I assumed that the slider, widgets as in the demo would display in the page called Home. But evidently I was wrong. They display in the page called Blog. I would however like them to display in the page called Home, and not the page called Blog which now displays my blog posts. How do I do that?

        • says

          So in other words – you would like you site setup as the demo site – with a homepage that shows the slider and etc. and a blog page that shows posts. Correct?

          To display your posts on the blog page – Navigate to Pages>Blog (you already created this page, correct? If not create it first) and choose to edit this page. On the right side of the Edit Page screen you will see a section for Page Attributes. Select “Blog” from the template dropdown and then Update (save).

          Now for the homepage…

          Install the Genesis Slider widget and configure – How to configure the homepage slider (make sure that you have featured images on the posts that you want to be displayed in the slider. )

          Configure the middle area of the homepage: How to configure the middle area of the homepage

          Configure the “welcome area” of the homepage: Configure the Welcome Area

          Now, instead of creating a page called “home” (this may seem counter-intuitive depending on your experience with other themes/frameworks, but trust me) from your dashboard, navigate to Dashboard>Settings>Reading and make sure that the “Your latest posts” button is active in the “Front page displays” section.

          Assuming that you have configured the slider and widgets and that you didn’t delete the home.php file, the theme is going to look for content in the widgets and if present, display the slider, welcome area, and middle area as seen on the demo. If no widgets are active it will display the default loop (regular blog posts).

          Assuming you don’t have any content that you’ll lose in the page that you created called Home – go ahead and delete it.

          To add a “Home” link in your menu, navigate to Dashboard>Appearance>Menus and use a “custom link” to and label it home.

          Give it shot, I think you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

  5. says

    Hi Aaron,

    Love this theme! Can’t get the slider to use the full width/height featured images, though. I’ve made no changes to CSS or functions as of yet. I’ve set my slider settings to exactly the same specs you have on the demo “theme setup” section but my images are only showing up as 150×150 in the slider box.

    Any thoughts?

  6. says


    I think my last comment must have gotten eaten by the spam monster. 😉 Hopefully this one doesn’t.

    Anyway, my question was about the number of posts on the blog page – I have my Reading settings set at 6 but it’s showing 10. No matter what I do, it stays at 10.

    Am I missing a piece of code somewhere or something? The site I’m using this on is the link in my name above.

    • says

      Hi Annie – Try Dashboard>Genesis>Theme Settings & scroll down to the Blog Page area and update the “Number of Posts to Show:” area with your desired number of posts. I think that’s what you’re looking for, right? :)

      • says

        Hi Aaron,

        Just now getting back to this! 😉

        The problem was that the number of posts to show on the Genesis settings page was conflicting with the number of posts to show in the WordPress settings. I had to set them both to the same thing. In other Genesis themes, Genesis overrides WP’s settings but for some reason, Latitude didn’t do that.

  7. Greg says

    I’m diggin’ your Latitude theme. Can you tell me how or where you got the portfolio code/page. Usually in a Genesis theme there is a settings tab and I can’t see how you did it with this theme. Maybe I’m overlooking something.

  8. Luke says

    This is an amazing free theme! I’ve got a small problem, when I try to change the Blog Theme settings within Genesis, like going from 10 posts to 5 posts. I get directed to domain/mod_sec.html and this gives me a 404?

    • says

      Hmmm… I just tested on my end and everything works fine. After confirming that you are changing the number of posts to show through Dashboard>Genesis>Theme Settings & scroll down to the Blog Page area… The next things that I would look at are – What plugins do you have installed? Customizations to your .httaccess file or theme files?

      • Luke says

        I just tried to do the same thing on another site, and got the same issue, so contacting my hosting! Sorry for the mixup!

  9. says

    Seems like my last reply didn’t make it, so I’ll post it again…

    I found this theme on NickTheGeek’s very helpful Genesis website. Thanks to his great system of child-theme feature and function comparison “Genesis Child Theme Matrix” at So thanks to Nick for the matrix and you for the really cool theme Aaron.

    I have chosen “Latitude Child Theme” as the base to work from because I thought it provided the functionality I wanted and looked like it would take the least amount of work to make it perfect (aka “just how I want it and almost nothing like the original”).

    I’m passionate about helping 3rd Sector and Social Enterprise in Scotland at URL=” to learn how to “go social”, and achieve on-line success. The intention of the new site is to provide the help these organisations need because [SOAPBOX] audiences everywhere are tough. They don’t have time to be bored or brow beaten by orthodox, old-fashioned advertising. We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. [/SOAPBOX] And they need to learn how.

    So I hope you are cool with what I am using it for and the final design I eventually end up with.

    I just wanted to say thanks and ask you a question. I am figuring out how most things work, but can’t seem to figure out how to change the dimensions of “div .wrap” and reduce the height of the nav bar.

    Wanna give me a clue?


    • says

      Hi Terence – Which “div .wrap” are you trying to tweak & what is the intended result? In the theme demo there are 5 active elements with the class of “.wrap” – There is #header .wrap, #nav .wrap, #inner .wrap, #footer-widgets .wrap, and #footer .wrap.

      To reduce the height of the nav bar, go to your CSS and adjust the padding in “#nav li a” – Currently it’s stet to have 9 pixels on the top, 15px on the left & right, and 11px on the bottom (padding: 9px 15px 11px;) – Perhaps something like 7px on the top & bottom would be more to your liking (padding: 7px 15px;)?

      • says

        Thanks Aaron that did the trick – in the end “padding: 7px 0px 7px;” suited the design since I have reduced the height of the nav bar and removed the additional elements so they are now just simple links. I’m getting there.


  10. says

    Aaron, I would like to add to my modified version of Latitude a vertical line like you have here. How would YOU do it? Would you add a right border to the content in Latitude or a left boarder to the sidebar? Then how and where would you add the padding to move the widgets away from the vertical separator?


    • says

      There are a number of ways that you could do this.

      What you’re seeing on my site is actually an image that is being repeated vertically. This can be accomplished by creating a 1px by 1px image (dot) that is the desired line color. Upload that image to your theme’s images folder… Then tile that image vertically and scroll it to the right 650-ish pixels.

      On your site, the css that you’d add to your #content-sidebar-wrap (after you create/upload your image) might look something like this:
      background: url("images/the-dot-that-you-created.gif") repeat-y scroll 660px 0 #FFFFFF;

      You’ll also want to remove the: “.sidebar: border-left: 1px dotted #BBBBBB;” that you currently have in there.

        • says

          Perhaps just an old habit that I picked up using a different theme framework. One good reason however would be if you want to make sure that your line always reaches from the top to the bottom, regardless of if the content area or sidebar area are longer.

          • says

            Ooops! Now I fee really stupd. It was Genesis Hooks doing what it was supposed to do and displaying Genesis structual hook names in the browser for all pages. Makes not to self – self, in future, only enable one plugin at a time and don’t enable any if its after 3am in the morning — go to bed!


  11. Ronald says

    Hi Aaron,

    Your theme looks awesome. Sorry for asking this stupid question but how do you change the logo to use image instead of text.

    Great theme by the way. It looks awesome.

    • says

      Hi Ronald – To remove the text logo… Go to your Dashboard and navigate to Appearance>Header and click the “No” radial button for “Display Text” and then save.

      You can then upload a new header/logo using the “Upload Image” near the top of the same page. You’ll notice that the default size is set to 960 pixels by 120 pixels. If you want to just display a logo on the left side of the header area (and not full-width), create an image with a transparent background to these dimensions (960 x 120 pixels) and place your logo over on the left.

      • Ronald says

        Hey Alan, thanks a lot for the help.

        I really like your theme. Thanks a lot for distributing it. Another thing I really like is the three middle widget in the home screen. Any way I can make these 3 widget to be in all pages instead of only the homepage ?

        Again much thanks

        • says

          Using hooks and filters you can do just about anything that you want. These three widget areas are being pulled in by part of the custom loop in the home.php file. To add them to all pages, I would probably remove this part of the home.php file and add them back in through the functions.php file using a hook. Depending on where you would want them to be displayed, there would probably also be some edits needed to the style.css file. All that to say, yes it can be done, but no it’s not just a quick line or two of code.

  12. Anita says

    I would like to change the body font to Arial. Is there an easy way to do this? I’ve never changed fonts before. Thank you.

  13. Anita says

    Why does my Feed do this when we look at it? Is it a Latitude issue or Genesis issue? I get a page and it says this at the top:

    “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

  14. says

    Hi Aaron! Thanks for the great theme. And more thanks for making it free :-)

    Now, I need a little help modifying the footer space:
    1. By default there are the three widgetised areas, but I’d like to add a full width (as wide as a full page, that is) area above those columns and then have three columns below that.
    2. The footer shows up decently everywhere except on the /blog page. How do I correct that?

    • Aaron Hartland says

      You could do this by registering a new widget area. Here I’ll call that new area “new” – – Register a new sidebar/widget area at the bottom of the functions.php file…

      genesis_register_sidebar( array(
      	'id'			=> 'new',
      	'name'			=> __( 'New', 'latitude' ),
      	'description'	=> __( 'This is the new area.', 'latitude' ),
      ) );

      Pull the new sidebar/widget area into the home.php file… You’d add something like this below the .home-middle area.

      if ( is_active_sidebar( 'new' ) ) {
      		echo '<div class="new">';
      		dynamic_sidebar( 'new' );
      		echo '</div><!-- end .new -->';

      Style the style the new widget area in the style.css file.

      .new { ... }
      .new h4 { ... }
      .new p { ... }
  15. says

    Hey! I shot you a message on twitter, but noticed you hadn’t been online in a while, so thought I’d post it here as well so I don’t miss you:

    I’m trying to replace the nav extras on the latitude theme, but it’s not working like my other themes. I’m following this tutorial: But it won’t replace the “date” with the menu that I’m trying to add in. It just adds the menu to the right of it, oddly positioned.

    Other Genesis themes took the modification fine, like my site:

    Any thoughts on why the code wouldn’t work? Here it is:

    /** testing primary extra replacement */
    function follow_icons($menu, $args) {
    $args = (array)$args;
    if ( $args[‘theme_location’] != ‘primary’ )
    return $menu;
    $follow = wp_nav_menu(array(‘menu’ => ‘Social Media’ ));
    return $menu.$follow;


    • Aaron Hartland says

      The code for this theme is just like other Genesis themes. I’m thinking that the problem is that you need to uncheck the “Enable Extras on Right Side?” in the Genesis>Theme Settings. This will remove the date that you mentioned and allow you to focus on the customization.

    • Aaron Hartland says

      One other thing. In your code:

      $follow = wp_nav_menu(array(‘menu’ => ‘Social Media’ ));

      I’m thinking that this might add more markup than you want. I didn’t test or look to verify, but you might be better off using a something a little more like what you find in the tutorial that you mentioned above.

    • Aaron Hartland says

      If all you want is social media icons in the #nav, why not just use this method: ? Assuming that you’re adding the icons to the primary navigation menu, you’ll want to replace the “#header” id with “#nav”. Depending on the look that you’re going for, you might also change the float in that first block of CSS to float: right… Doing so will put them in reverse order, so head over to Appearance>Menus and make the appropriate changes.

      If were me, I’d probably also combine all those icons into a CSS sprite to reduce HTTP requests.

  16. Mark says

    Hi Aaron,

    Yours is a great child theme but I am experiencing major problems getting the fancy dropdowns to work. Is your theme fully compatible with Genesis Framework 1.8?

    Kind regards,


    • Aaron Hartland says

      Yes it’s fully compatible and I’m currently rocking Genesis 1.8 on the demo site. Did you make any modification to the theme?

      • Mark says

        Hi Aaron,

        It is okay. I was making some simple mistakes with the custom menus. I have got it working now.

        Kind regards,


  17. says

    Hi Aaron,

    I could do with your help to sort out one thing with my website. I would like to use the Jetpack subscription form rather than the one that comes with Genesis, primarily because the Jetpack one enables subscribers to receive more than one email notification a day. The Genesis one, which uses Feedburner, does not have that functionality and that is a deal breaker for my website and audience.

    My problem is that: I do not how to style the Jetpack form so that it renders as beautifully as the Genesis one. Neither form works properly at the moment but you can see how they look at and any one of my other non-home pages.

    Do you know of a CSS fix for this? I am sure that other people would be interested in it because there is little doubt in my mind as to which of the subscription solutions is better and it ain’t the Genesis one now that you can enable Jetpack’s functionality at the touch of a button.

    Awesome job on the child theme. I am going to alter the website footer once I work out how to do that – I do not want WordPress and Log In/Out on the bottom right – but I will be keeping the link to your website so that other people can find out how to get hold of what is a really good design.

    Kind regards,


    • Aaron Hartland says

      The tags are just a little different in Jetpack than you find in Genesis. If you add a little CSS to style the classes and IDs you should be able to get the look you’re searching for. Example – Genesis uses “.enews #subbox” and Jetpack uses “#subscribe-field”

      I don’t have much time tonight to look at it, but adding something like this to your style.css file could get you started in the right direction (this was not tested and could probably be condensed):

      #subscribe-field {	
      	background-color: #FFFFFF;	
      	color: #666666;
      	font-family: 'Oswald',arial,serif;
      	font-size: 12px;
      	margin: 5px 5px 0 0;
      	padding: 6px 0 6px 7px !important;
      	width: 180px !important;
      input[type="submit"] {
      	background-color: #666666;
      	border: 1px solid #666666;
      	color: #FFFFFF;
      	cursor: pointer;
      	font-family: 'Oswald',arial,serif;
      	font-size: 12px !important;
      	font-weight: normal !important;
      	padding: 5px 7px;
      	text-decoration: none;
      	text-transform: uppercase;
      #subscribe-blog p {
      	display: inline;
      • says

        Hi Aaron,

        Thank you for replying so quickly. I added the code to the existing CSS file and it is almost there. Even though I am scared to death of breaking your theme I will have a crack at making the last few adjustments. If you happen to have a few more minutes to spare then I would not say no to your help, though. I will check back to see if you post any more code. Wish me luck!

        • Aaron Hartland says

          One update – I forgot the “#” on that last ID ( “subscribe-blog p” should have been “#subscribe-blog p”). I made the correction above.

          • says

            Hi Aaron,

            Many thanks. Almost there. Just need to work out how to get the hover to work and I will be totally over the moon.

            Kind regards,


            PS I have found quite a lot of people in forums asking how to edit the plugin itself because it renders so poorly.

          • Aaron Hartland says

            Ahh… Something like this should take care of that:

            input[type="submit"]:hover {
            background-color: #333;
            border: 1px solid #333;
            color: #fff;
            text-decoration: none;

  18. says

    Hi Aaron,

    Yes, it does. I am going to trawl through the CSS and change some of the fonts, etc. but you have helped me out massively with the form.

    I hope that anyone else who wants to use the Jetpack functionality finds this thread.

    Kind regards,


    • says

      Hi Aaron,

      I am almost there with my test website, which I will move to my organisation’s proper domain shortly.

      One last thing has got me stumped: how do I change the Genesis Slider size to something more photo friendly – the 2.78 ratio is a little high for what I need – and get the layout to move with it?

      I updated the Genesis Slider settings to 930×620 overnight and it played havoc with the other elements on the page. Am I missing something? Do I need to tweak additional code and/or settings?

      Kind regards,


      • Aaron Hartland says

        In addition to the slider settings, you’ll also want to check out the styling for the div class “featured” in your CSS – the height attribute will also need to be increased to match.

        .featured {
        height: 370px;
        margin: 0 auto;
        padding: 0;
        width: 960px;

  19. Mark says

    Hi there,

    I’ve been playing with this theme for a non-profit organization I volunteer for, and I am really loving it. Thanks for your contribution to the community! So far, I’ve figured out how to do pretty much everything I want to do, with just a couple of no-big-deal exceptions… stuff like making the main menu link that is at the top of a sub-menu not actually link anywhere, and forcing the user to pick one of the drop-down items instead of being able to click on the main menu item. This seems to be a wordpress limitation as far as I can tell.

    One question I have for you – The background page doesn’t seem to work like I would expect it to. When I choose an image or color, it only changes the background of the header section of the page (above the main menu). I would like to change the background color (or use an image) on the sides of the main content area (only – I like the header the way it is), to sort of give borders to the main page content that has a white background (like how this page looks, actually). I am guessing I need to change something in the CSS to accomplish this, but so far, I haven’t found where to do it. Any input would be appreciated.


  20. Steve Oglesby says

    Hi, Aaron – loving this theme! I’m installing it for a client, and I’m almost done. I’d like to remove your copyright info, and substitute hers. Is there an easy way to do that? Before Genesis, I’d just edit the footer… :-)

  21. says

    Normally I’ve been developing in WordPress and creating themes from scratch (utilizing Starkers as a base) and then making the theme off of that. I wanted to give Genesis a try on my next project and came across your Latitude child theme for it because it has a similar layout structure as what my client is looking for. My question is about the best practices. Once I install Genesis and then install your child theme, would it be best then to just modify your Latitude theme, or would it be best to use Latitude as a “parent” and make a child off of that?

  22. Bryan says

    Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for the theme. Quick question: am I able to have a sidebar if also using the featured section. Currently I have the Genesis slider in the Featured widget area – when I do this, the sidebar disappears.

    I have a static page – not a blog. I’ve messed with various CSS elements – but can’t figure it out.


    • Aaron Hartland says

      Hey Bryan – sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Work, family, and tons of unfinished projects have been keeping me away from my personal site.

      This theme was coded like many of the other StudioPress themes, where if the homepage widgets are active, the default loop is removed. This is in the home.php file. If it were me, I’d probably redo this file to include a sidebar for the homepage.

  23. Andrew says

    Hi Aaron,

    This theme is great! I just have one problem – I cannot activate the Genesis Simple Edits plugin. It comes up with an error “Sorry, you cannot activate without Genesis 1.7.1 or greater”. I’m trying to activate version 1.7.1 of Genesis Simple Edits. I have version 1.7 of the genesis framework, and am using your latest latitude child theme. It doesn’t appear that there is a version 1.7.1 of genesis, and it’s not asking me to update it.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks Aaron!

    • Aaron Hartland says

      Genesis is now up to version 1.8, you’re going to need to update. I’d first check that you’re on the latest version of WP… Then, if you’re not being prompted to update Genesis, you can try to force the notification by going to the Appearance > Themes, and then back to your WP dashboard homepage. For some reason (not sure why) that will usually force the upgrade notification.

      • Andrew says

        Yep that worked – strange why I wasn’t getting prompted. Thanks anyway Aaron!

        Actually, just quickly, is there a simple way or place you can point me to make your theme not extend to the width of the screen? (ie the whole page, from header to footer, ‘floats’ on top of a coloured background, with the page 1000px wide?) Thanks so much – just want to see how it looks and compare.


  24. says

    I’ve just installed this theme on my site and it won’t show up. I’ve disabled all the plugins and am not sure what is missing. Am totally baffled. I have Genesis 1.8 and WP 3.3.1.


  25. says

    Hi Aaron,
    One more quick question: Is is possible to change the properties used for the post titles on my homepage? I’d like to reduce the font size there, but the only thing I can figure out is also reducing the font size on my single post pages.

    Also, I’m using (or at least am planning to use) the visual subtitle plugin ( Would you happen to know how I can restrict the subtitles only to the single post pages and not display on the homepage, or is that something I’d have to inquire with the plugin author?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Aaron Hartland says

      You can target the post titles on the homepage several ways. One might be – add some styling like this to your style.css file:

      .home-middle h2 a { } /*add the font styling that you want*/

      • says

        Thanks a lot, Aaron!
        Worked like a charm.

        Now, is there anyway I can use WordPress’ custom fields to add a subtitle area after the title for single posts alone (without a plugin and all, that is?) I suppose I would have to alter some php?

    • Aaron Hartland says

      Oops… forgot about your second question.. but… I’ve never used that plugin, so I don’t think that I would be able to help you there.

  26. says

    I’m terribly sorry if I’ve been bombarding you with too many questions, but I’ve got just one tiny bit more.
    I came across this piece of code to override the Genesis slider css with our own:

    3 add_action( 'init' , 'as247_remove_slider_styles' , 15 );
    4 function as247_remove_slider_styles() {
    5 remove_action( 'wp_print_styles' , 'genesis_slider_styles' );
    6 }

    I noticed your comment there ( so I figured you could perhaps help me out with adding this to latitude. I tried, but the code breaks with a sort of 't_function' error.

    • Aaron Hartland says

      It has worked fine for me. In the code that you pasted above, you have line numbers (2,3,4,5,6).. Did you also paste those into your functions.php file? Those should NOT be included. Travis is using a plugin to help display code on his site. If you hover your mouse over that block of code, you will see several icons appear in the upper right. The first one will let your view source, the second will let you click to copy the code to your clipboard (that’s the one that I’d suggest)… Or here it is without the line numbers:

      /** Remove Genesis Slider Styles */
      add_action( 'init' , 'as247_remove_slider_styles' , 15 );
      function as247_remove_slider_styles() {
      	remove_action( 'wp_print_styles' , 'genesis_slider_styles' );
  27. says

    No, I wasn’t putting in the numbers, Aaron :-)
    I just dragged across and copied it and I noticed later that the line numbers were there too!
    Funnily enough, I tried it a second time and thd code works now!
    Thanks for your quick replies. And for the great theme.

    [P.S. If I were you, I’d probably not have given this theme away for free 😉 ]

  28. says

    Hi Aaron,

    I am using your theme as the base for my website. However, there is this one “bug” that I was being notified today. If you load the theme in smaller screen (small enough that you have horizontal screen at the bottom) and then scroll to the right then the only color that will come up is your blue color.

    You can try this on your demo page. Resize your window to smaller size until the horizontal bar comes up. Then scroll to the right.

    Just want to ask if you know how to fix this.

    Thanks Aaron. Btw your theme rocks

    • Aaron Hartland says

      I believe this might have something to do with the css attribute overflow: hidden; used various places throughout. I’ve been thinking about putting together a responsive version of this theme… but have been completely swamped as of late.

      • says

        Hi Aaron,

        After looking around for quite a while and banging my head around the wall i found the fix for solutions.

        The fix is to add this line on css for #wrap (around line 154)
        min-width: 960px;

        Hopefully anyone else that stumbles upon this problem can be helped as well.

        Thanks Aaron

  29. says

    Hi Aaron, excellent theme – just love it! Quick question: is it possible to add pagination to the Portfolio template/widget. I have about 90 items I would like to add but have them broken up into 3 pages. Any chance this could be accomplished?

    • Aaron Hartland says

      Hi Ryan – because the Genesis featured posts widget is used to display this content, and because this is not an option with that widget… the quick answer is no. Your best bet there would be to create a custom post type (CPT) for portfolio items.

  30. Dilgates says

    Hi Aaron,
    It’s really awesome theme. I really liked it and have implemented it, but could you please help me on increasing the page width.. as I am new to this?

    • Aaron Hartland says

      I’m glad you like the theme. To increase the page width you will need to make quite a few modifications to the style.css file. The width attribute on just about every structural element will need to be updated. That’s more than I’d be prepared to try and do right now in a comment.

  31. says

    Hey Aaron,

    First and foremost, thanks for the theme. I absolutely love it and so do my colleagues .
    I am currently prototyping your theme, with the intention of applying it to our website once we iron out all the kinks.

    Speaking of which, I am trying to change the text box in the slider (to lower the opacity of the box and remove the border/padding).

    I tried looking for it at the stylesheet but couldnt find it. So i would like to change this:

    or so I think.

    Can you help? Thanks once again!

  32. says

    Hello again Aaron!

    I was wondering if you could offer me some guidance as to how to turn the homepage into a two column format.
    I am trying to use the genesis-featured-amplified widget to occupy 2/3rds of the space of the home page and use the last 1/3 (right hand column) for other stuff like social media widgets…

  33. says


    Thank you very much for the theme.

    I’m new to Genesis, and to coding in general, so I jumped in at the deep end to try and “build” (style, maybe?) my first child theme (with the functions.php, and much of the stylesheet taken from “Focus” theme as a starting point). I was struggling with the background trying to give the impression that the nav bar is full width. Through pure accident I stumbled on your site and spotted your Latitude child theme which is precisely the look I have been trying to achieve.

    I don’t know whether to be happy that I now have exactly what I was after, or to be disappointed that I didn’t manage to create it myself!

    In my eyes, it’s the best looking Genesis child theme I’ve come across…. but I would say that because it’s exactly what I was looking for!

    Thanks again.

  34. Glen says

    Hi, Aaron.

    Thank you so much for making free, high quality themes. It’s incredibly generous of you.

    You mentioned earlier in the comments that you have plans to make Latitude responsive. How is the process going and should we be expecting the update soon?

    Best regards.

    • Aaron Hartland says

      You’re very welcome. I enjoy giving back to the community when I can. I wish I could give you a date on when I might have time to make a responsive version, but I’ve been far too busy with work and family life to even want to guess.

  35. says

    Aaron, thank you so much not only for your themes but also for your clear explanations. Not often someone explains things so easily.

    I was trying your theme when I came to some questions I cannot disguise. In the widgetized homepage, I can’t see how to make the featured images of the featured posts fill the whole width of their space. The widget lets me choose between 4 types of width, neither of which is the right one. Where can I edit this?

    Also, it seems there is a limitation on the heigth of the images from the slider. Though it lets you choose the size, if it is bigger than 330px it gets over the welcome space… Where can I edit this limitation?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Aaron Hartland says

      For the featured images… use the “home-middle” size… AND – I’d suggest regenerating your thumbnails using this plugin:

      The height of the images can be adjusted in the plugin settings page… AND – around line 575 of the CSS file you’ll see styling for .featured – adjust or delete the height attribute as necessary. (Honestly don’t remember why I gave it a height there anyway.)

  36. JonP says


    firstly, thanks for the theme, I’m new to Genesis, and loving the clean code, but sometimes lost on the simple things.

    A what should be straight forward thing which I’m having problems with, I cannot get the welcome message to display. I have followed the instructions, dragged a text widget into the welcome widget box (I have used static page for homepage), but nothing appears.

    I’m at a very early stage just adding pages and text, no additional plug ins have been added. It’s not published yet, but will add a link ASAP.

    Any idea why this would not display?

    thanks again

    • Aaron Hartland says

      Do not use a static page for the homepage. In WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Reading… Please make sure that Front page displays: Your latest posts. Trust me.

  37. Eric Weidner says

    Hey Aaron, love the theme – its super flexible and I’ve been able to make alot of magic in short time for some clients. I just have one question about tweaking the footer. How do I get it to stay at the bottom of the page? It keeps wanting to jump up! I’ve tried to do a few tweaks but nothing consistent enough to be a “fix”. If you could, please help me out with this!

  38. says


    I have set up the theme with basis settings at the moment.

    I have configured both the welcome message, and the “home middle” sections exactly as described, and nothing appears at all.

    Any ideas why this might be the case?


  39. says


    i just installed your theme i think its exactly what i need but i have my home page as a static page and was wondering #1 where do i put the images to get them to the slider and how do i get the slier to display on a static page

  40. cheapdealhotels says

    Hi Aaron, quick question: apart from the fact that your theme is AWESOME (!), I wanted to ask you whether you had considered making it responsive. I think that responsive themes are a must today, given all the mobile devices and given your theme is very “light”, it would be fantastic to have this responsive…

    Thanks for considering this, and again: kudos to some great work!

    • Aaron Hartland says

      I do intend to eventually release a responsive version of this theme… BUT, life has been way to busy as of late to spend on free projects like this.

  41. says

    Hi Aaron! I’m developing a site for a client of mine, and I’m having some difficulty with the portfolio section. I’d like to be able to have 5 different portfolios that visitors can go to. Is this possible, and how would I go about doing this? Here’s the site I’m working on

    Thank you so much for your help, and I have to say that your child themes are the best I’ve worked with!

  42. Terri says

    Hi Aaron,
    I like the look of the Latitude theme; simple and clean. I’ll post a link when I use it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  43. says

    HI Aaron,
    At first thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful theme which is best suits to my choice.
    Aaron I loved another thing form your site too and that is your background Image,please can you share me the link of this background image?
    Waiting your replay.

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